"Purchases on Google" will let you buy items straight from mobile search results

Google has officially unveiled "Purchases on Google," a new feature that it will be testing that will allow customers to purchase items directly from mobile search results. Google will also mark ads for items that are currently available in stores near the customer.

These new ads will appear when you search for products specifically, or something related to an item, like reviews. Search for reviews of a phone, for instance, and you may be shown a card reviews. When you tap to buy the item, you'll be taken to a page to complete your purchase. Google will use the payment information that it has stored for you to complete the purchase, and when it becomes available later this year, Android Pay will also be listed as a checkout option.

While Google will help provide an easily-accessed storefront, customers are still doing business with individual merchants, like Nike, Canon, and more. Google will also make note of products currently available in nearby retail locations. Retailers will also get advice from Google about how to optimize their AdWords to attract users from mobile search to in-store shopping.

The new "Purchases on Google" is currently being tested by a limited number of partners, and should start a full rollout later this year.

Source: Google, The Next Web