Social Caller ID by WhitePages

One pleasant little tidbit to roll out of Mobile World Congress 2012 was an upcoming app from WhitePages. They're expanding their standard caller ID features to a bunch of social network tie-ins, so you can see LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter updates of whoever's calling as they're calling. It can even pull in weather for where they're calling from, and offer a link to any web headlines about them. Once the call's over, you can view some extremely detailed stats on how often you call people, how long your calls last, and how text messages factor in. Of course, you'll need to have these people in your address book already. 

Now, this might not necessarily be much of anything new; RIM bought a whole company, Gist, that did something like this, and we're starting to see a more social-savvy address book emerge on PlayBook 2.0. As far as caller ID specifically goes, HTC did some similarly clever stuff, like pointing out if it was a caller's birthday. It seems to me the biggest thing WhitePages could do with this is provide a ton of information on incoming callers who aren't already in your address book - it could be both creepy and awesome. 

It was actually surprising just how enthusiastic the WhitePages guys were about running with Android versus iOS and BlackBerry. They've actually been involved with Android since the early days, citing its openness to accessing the address book (with user permission, of course).This social caller ID app is particularly focused on being optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich by leveraging action bars and swipe navigation. Pricing hasn't been nailed down, but we'll find out soon enough - the app is scheduled to launch before summertime.