myAppFree is a very popular deal finder for Windows Phone. The developers of myAppFree work with other app and game developers to provide discounted prices apart from scouring the Play Store for other deals. The official myAppFree app is now available for Android as well. With its 'App of the Day' and featured apps sections, myAppFree is used by more than 2 million users across the world.

Every 24 hours, a new app is selected and offered for free, along with other deals and promotions. Apart from free promotion of paid apps, myAppFree also offers discounted in-app content, unlocked levels, premium or pro versions in freemium apps. You can also sign up, and the profile section of the app will offer you a special list of apps curated based on your interests.

myAppFree is a bridge between smartphone users and developers. If you are a developer and would want to participate in their program, drop an email to

myAppFree has a seamless and intuitive interface, and offers push notifications for deal of the day. It's free, and saves money, so there's no reason to not recommend this app. If you love discovering and trying new apps, make sure you download myAppFree.