ASUS Photo Collage

There is a lot of bloatware on the ASUS ZenFone 2. Nobody who has one is going to deny it. Thankfully, you can remove most of what you don't want and won't use, but before you go uninstalling all the things, you might want to stop and look at some of those apps.

I've left them all installed and am going through them (that's part of the job) and have found a few that work really well and can be a little fun to play with. The Photo Collage app is one of those. We all know how apps like this work — you take a picture or a group of pictures and the app assembles them in a grid or fancy frame. There are plenty of apps like this in Google Play, and some are very popular. Like any app that's designed to enhance pictures, the best ones have plenty of options.

You'll find those options in the Photo Collage app on your ZenFone 2. Using it is really easy, you pick a style — besides different grids of up to eight photos, you'll find magazine-style layouts, cards for special occasions, even cool photo effects like tiny planet — choose the picture(s) you want displayed, then press a button to build it. With Photo Collage, you have the option to add and edit text, scale the individual pictures you're using, and even slap some stickers on top of it all when you're done. Add in options to save it all at up to 2560 pixels wide or tall (or both) and you can make an image that's perfect for sharing on social media.

I know not everyone is going to use an app like Photo Collage, but not every application we install has to be all nerdy and make things 12.5-percent faster. There's nothing wrong with having a little fun with your Android, and if you're into being creative with your photos, Photo Collage is pretty cool.

Give it a try before you uninstall it. If you like what you see, you can also install the app to most any Android phone or tablet through the Google Play link above.