It's hard to believe that Google I/O was already more than four months ago, but time sure flies when you're having fun and freaking out over screen burn-in issues. One of the announcements made at the developer conference this summer was "Pay with Google" – a new platform that aimed to simplify online purchases with your Google account.

Updates on this service were pretty much nonexistent following their initial announcement, but today, Google is finally making it available for all to use.

When shopping within certain apps or stores via Google Chrome, you'll begin to see a new "Pay with Google" button as an option for your payment method. Tapping this will show you any cards tied to your Google account through Android Pay, Google Play Store, and other Google services, and after selecting the card you'd like to use, all of your payment information will automatically be filled out for you.

This functionality was previously available through Android Pay, but the introduction of Pay with Google now allows you to connect other cards that aren't supported on Android Pay and is expanding the functionality to more apps and retailers than ever before.

Some of the merchants that will soon start using Pay with Google for online purchases.

Pay with Google will first be available on Android through supported apps and websites within Chrome, including support for things like Kayak in the United States, Dice in the United Kingdom, and even iFood for users in Brazil.

The list of supported businesses is already fairly strong, and developers can use the Google Payment API to integrate Pay with Google into their app or website at absolutely no cost.

Online payments have already gotten pretty good over the years, and while this isn't the first service of its kind we've ever seen, the popularity and usage of Google services should help Pay with Google take off considerably better than its competitors.

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