Custom ROM fans rejoice: the team behind Paranoid Android has announced the release of a brand new version of the ROM for 2016. Along with the new release, Paranoid Android now supports a slew of new features with builds for OnePlus devices and popular Nexus phones and tablets.

Paranoid Android

From Paranoid Android:

We are launching brand spanking fresh. All new features. New team members. New everything and we have made sure that everything that we are releasing has been polished to our best.

The main features and enhancements that you will probably end up noticing are our custom Quick Settings tile reordering functionality, floating window support, immersive mode, the new on-the-spot interface and CM Theme Engine

The announcement also notes that the team has picked up a number of new members, which should allow for frequent updates on features and aspects of the ROM across the board.

If you're interested in flashing the latest Paranoid Android release, you can grab the appropriate build for your device at the official site. Be aware that Paranoid Android 2016 builds are currently available for "popular" Nexus devices (6P, 5X, 6, 5, 4, 7 2013, 9), some Sony devices, and the OnePlus One, 2 and X.