Oracle's code example

Oracle has amended its lawsuit against Google, and claims that Google is stealing code for use in Android.  They also make claim that one-third of the Java APIs for use by application developers are a derivative of Oracle APIs.  The above picture certainly does support their claim, as it's almost a direct copy.

I have to be honest here, I'm not exactly sure what this all means.  There are parts of Java that will need to be copied to work, and there are parts that don't.  Remember, this all started with Sun. Google and Sun were in contention over the use of the GPL, which would expose carriers and manufacturers code if it were enforced.  This is why Apache licensing is used in Google, and why Apple chose the BSD kernel instead of the more popular and widely used Linux kernel to run their products.

None of us here are hardcore Java developers, and none of us are in the legal profession.  We have to sit back and watch, just like you do, and hope that the outcome is fair for both sides.  If Google stole code, they need to be punished financially.  If not, Oracle needs to be reigned in.  Sometimes fighting for your ideals isn't a good idea, and maybe Google should follow Apple and start to pull away from Oracle and Java.  Maybe Tim Bray says it best (NSFW).  [Electronista, ZDNet]