Opera for Android's latest experimental build lets you install web apps on your home screen

Opera has released a special labs build of its Opera browser for Android that lets users add web pages and web apps to their home screen. This allows you to quickly access sites with the press of a single button.

Opera's "Add to Home screen" supports Web Manifest, a specification that allows sites placed on the home screen to be configured for certain modes and orientations, according to Opera's developer blog:

There is more though: "Add to Home screen" also supports the new Web Manifest spec, which means that a website added to the Home screen can be configured to open with a particular UI mode, orientation and more. It's even run as a separate process, just like a native app. We call this "Installable Web Apps".

With installable web apps, Opera hopes to combat the issues of distribution lag, which causes delays in apps rolling out to users, and storage space requirements.

For more on how this functionality works, be sure to check out the post over at Opera's developer blog at the link below.

Source: Opera