Open Whisper Systems, the team behind the likes of Redphone and TextSecure, has released a new secure messaging app for Android. Called Signal, the app has finally made the jump to Android after being available for iOS for a number of months. Should you be a fan of the older apps aforementioned, you'll enjoy Signal, which is essentially a combination of the two.

The app uses your phone number and address book, so there's no need for a separate login, account or remote profile. Not only does Signal block other parties from seeing what you discuss with others, but Open Whisper Systems also are unable to see messages or listen to conversations. Utilizing end-to-end encryption, the app boasts high levels of security. As an added bonus, the code is freely available as open source on GitHub.

Should you be rocking TextSecure, you'll be prompted to update the app, which will result in the name change being applied. Those using Redphone will have to uninstall and download the new Signal app. If you require a recommendation before using the new app, take it from Edward Snowden, who revealed he's using Signal on a daily basis.

Source: Open Whisper Systems