We have incredible 3D games built for Android tablets -- titles like Shadowgun or Max Payne -- but what's been missing out of great games has been Google TV. OnLive, the popular streaming service that brings actual desktop PC games to any screen, will change that. Using the OnLive Google TV app and a compatible controller, you'll have a huge library of PC games to choose from, all streamed directly to your big screen via your Google TV interface. All the features of the desktop client (for Windows and Mac) are on-board, including the spectating arena and multi-view play and chat. It's a great way to fill a gap in Google TV's content warehouse, and everyone loves games.

OnLive will be shipping on the Visio Co-Star, and will be coming to the LG G2 Smart TV in a future software patch. But the best news is that a stand-alone Google TV app is in the works that will install on any box or TV, so those of us who bought a competitors product aren't left out in the cold. No mention of when exactly we should expect the app is given, but we'll be watching Google Play for any news. Read what OnLive founder and CEO Steve Perlman has to say at the source link below.

Source: Google TV Blog