Google Search update lets you search inside third-party apps, brings Material Design makeover

Google is expanding its voice search today to third-party apps thanks to a new update to the Google Search app for Android. Initially rolling out first to devices with Android Lollipop, like the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9, the Search app also introduces a visual makeover with Material Design as well as a new Google Now card that reminds you to get on task to finalize plans that you've penciled in earlier.

With the expansion of voice search to third-party apps that support it, you can now command Google Search to "search Tumblr for cat pictures," for example. A number of third-party apps are supported at this time.

Google can now help you search for exactly what you need—even if it's in another app. With a simple prompt like "Ok Google, search Tumblr for 'Things Organized Neatly'" Google will take you right into the app. This now works with a number of apps, so you can also research the best Maui hotels on TripAdvisor, listen to your jam on TuneIn, find a dream home on Trulia, or get tips on how to carve a turkey on YouTube — right from the Google app. Try it out next time you need a shortcut.

When it comes to finalizing those plans, Google Now will introduce a new card that helps you stay on top of things:

You can also rely more and more on the Google app to help you organize your life: you may notice a new card asking if you want to be reminded of, say, "dinner with Chris" or "drinks with Susan." For those times you've gotten an email about something but forgotten to follow up, Google can now catch potential plans buried in your Gmail: it'll prompt you to add them to your calendar then serve up reminders, so you can stay on top of staying in touch.

Have you seen the new Google Search yet on your new Nexus devices? It may take a while for the new Google Search update to hit other devices.

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Source: Google