Samsun Gear VR

Samsung and Oculus VR will be launching paid apps and games, as well as new free content offerings, on the Gear VR today. Well-timed after the announcement of an updated Gear VR that works with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, the new content offerings are a welcomed addition to the current content available on the headset.

As soon as the folks over at Oculus flip the switch this afternoon, a handful of initial paid apps and games will arrive in the Oculus store when you start it up. They will set you back in the range of $2.99 to $4.99, at least at the outset, which of course is nicely on par with what you'd expect to pay for a mobile game nowadays. The offerings will be expanding rapidly after launch, Oculus says, particularly with the spur in development from initiatives like its "VR Jam" that's offering up cash prizes for new Gear VR development.

But it isn't just paid content that's launching today — the free offerings are also being expanded. Gear VRs will today also receive new short films — around 10 minutes in length — that show off the power of the headset, as well as still 3D photos that immerse you in a variety of scenes. The combination of new free stuff that you can jump right into and paid games for when you want to be more serious is a great combination — hopefully it keeps on going.