NASA app for Android

Now, we don't wanna get all up in your business here, but if you've yet to download the NASA Android application, perhaps this is the time to do so.

See, there's this red planet out there. It's called Mars. And there's this little robot guy who touched down on the surface last night. We'll call him "Curiosity." And he's currently snapping some pictures and basically casing the joint. And 14 minutes after the shutter snaps, NASA's looking over the pictures -- and uploading them for the rest of us to see. (And that's a damn sight faster than NBC can manage to get news out of London. Just saying.)

The app's more than just that, of course, with video and mission profiles, among other trivial parts of blasting into space on top of a giant rocket ship. 

So, yeah. If you've yet to check out the NASA app for Android, perhaps now's the time to do so.