Google Maps in North Korea

Glorious news for the people of North Korea: Google Maps now supports driving directions for your much-admired native land! The maps of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, surveyed by great statesman and accomplished cartographer Kim Jong Un on his first cross-country drive at three years old, have been assembled and put onto the world wide web by Google. Though they are capitalist dogs, the supreme leader graciously accepts their digital gift, and will reward them by not threatening extinction today.

The maps will now permit the great people of North Korea to navigate their magnificent nation with greater efficiency than ever before. On the smartphone they're not allowed to have. In the car they can't buy. With the internet they can't access. On the roads that don't exist.

Just know that your pilgrimage from Chongpyong to pay homage to the glorious supreme leader in Pyongyang will cover 270 km and take exactly 2 hours and 55 minutes, without traffic. Because there's never any traffic thanks to the superior city planning and engineering skills of the mighty Kim Jong Un.

Source: North Korea Tech; Via: 9to5Google