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Google is taking a new approach when counting views on YouTube videos from now on, which will eliminate the infamous "301+" number that until now has shown up on most YouTube videos for the first few hours after they go live.

The official YouTube Creators Twitter account used a funny infographic to show the changes Google has made when recording views on videos:

Basically, before today recorded views on a newly launched YouTube video were looked at centrally all at once. The view number froze after it reached 301 so Google could verify which ones came from real people and which ones were spam views. After a few hours, the views that were deemed to be real were recorded and that 301 number disappear.

Google's new way of recording views now counts those that the company is confident are from real people immediately, without waiting, while still reviewing those views that it is not sure about. That means the "301+" number is officially history, now that more YouTube video views can be recorded as real.

Source: YouTube Creators (Twitter)