HTC Nexus 9

Coming up fashionably late after Nexus 9 pre-orders from Amazon, Google Play now has the new tablet up for your buying enjoyment. The prices are the same, though — $399 for the 16GB tablet in either black or white, with $479 getting you the 32GB model instead. The available models are showing 2-3 week shipping times. The "sand" color is exclusively available in the 32GB Wifi variety, though you can't quite click the buy button on that one just yet. As for LTE, that's black only, and unavailable for pre-order at the $599 price.

The Nexus 6 page has also popped up on Google Play, though it isn't ready to pre-order until October 29th. You can get a good look at the white and blue colors, though, as well as the $649 and $699 prices for 32GB and 64GB of storage, respectively.

Google's Android TV box, the Nexus Player is ready for you to buy from Google Play at $99, too, provided you're okay waiting the 3-4 week shipping time. No new details here, but this one's surely going to be popular at that price. The optional $40 game controller can't be put in your cart quite yet, though.

Go get your Nexus 9 and Nexus Player orders in now, and keep waiting for the Nexus 6 buy button to go live in the coming weeks.