Android Central

A quick heads up for users of the New York Times Android application, that an updated version has pushed out into Google Play. The two headline new features are a night mode -- otherwise known as white text on a black background -- and a pretty nice new customizable widget. Sadly, the widget is only available to users on Android 4.x, but that aside it does a pretty nice job. It's customizable, so will display whichever category you most desire to see updates from. 

The only drawback as far as we can see with it, is that the default size of the widget is 4x1. It's scrollable, but unless you're in a position to be able to resize your widgets, it's pretty small, and doesn't even display one full article. It also won't match the theme choice from within the app, it's permanently set to white-on-black. Grab yourselves a copy from the Google Play link above.