Samsung's new SmartThings tracker will use an LTE-based cellular network to help you keep tabs on your pets, keys, phone, or whatever else you can attach it to. We have seen a lot of tile trackers out there. The TrackR Pixel is on sale right now for just $45, in fact. The difference between those trackers and Samsung's new tracker is the other brands use Bluetooth and have a very limited range. Once the object you are tracking gets beyond a certain point, these tiles use things like crowd-sourcing to locate them. You'll never be out of range of Samsung's tracker unless it manages to travel internationally because it will use a low-power LTE network specifically designed for devices like this.

While you could use these to keep track of your keys or wallet, Samsung's tracker has a lot of great features for tracking your pets or kids, too. For example, you can set up a geofencing zone that will automatically alert you when the tracker crosses that zone. When you need to grab your kids from soccer practice, they can send you a real-time alert with their exact location so you don't miss the park entrance. The tracker is water-resistant so it can perform in the rain and has a battery that lasts up to a week.

With those other trackers, like the popular Tile Mate, you can buy three to five of the tiles in a package that costs less than $50. The Samsung SmartThings tracker costs $99.99 and $5 a month after the first year. You can pre-order it through Samsung's website if you want it starting around Sept. 16 or through Amazon where it will ship around Sept. 30. On September 14, you can find them in AT&T stores, and they will be available with Verizon soon, too.

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