The set-top box is said to focus on games and web-content, with no live TV broadcast ability

A report today from The Information suggests that Google has a Nexus TV in the works, and plans to release it during the first half of 2014. According to an unnamed source who works at Google, the Android powered device will play games and display web broadcasts on your television, and come bundled with its own remote.

Interestingly, the device is said to not transmit live TV broadcasts, which would be a departure the the Google TV brand that Google is said to be abandoning. It appears that this time around, Google is going to focus on what they know best — the Internet and it's huge library of content. 

Google knows the living room is one of the next dominos to topple. An Android powered device that works closely with existing phones and tablets and shares the same Google Play library is something that's been rumored for a while. It's also something we would like to see happen. If these rumors are to be believed, we will soon. Hopefully, they won't price themselves out of the market again.

Source: The Information (paid content)