Google Glass

Google today pushed a whole new batch of Glassware apps for Google Glass into MyGlass. The twelve apps span the gamut, and include apps for fitness, travel, translation, news, music, and just in time for the closing days of the 2014 World Cup: a little bit of football.

So what's new? On the fitness side there's Runtastic and Zombies, Run! for the cardio, plus a Glassware app to hook up to the 94Fifty smart basketball.

For media, you can catch up on the news with The Guardian, or broadcast your own stuff to the world through Livestream. There's also musiXmatch to "pick up on the music play around you and show you the song lyrics for songs in any language." Shazam has also come to Glass, just say "OK Glass, recognize this song" to trigger.

For the world travelers, Duolingo will help with your language skills, while GuidiGO brings 250 guided tours of 27 world cities to Glass.

On the errata side you'll find an update to Allthecooks that lets you use voice commands to switch between recipes and directions, Starcharts to "look up at the sky and explore the stars", and for all the latest soccer news, delivered straight to your face.

Which Google Glass glassware seems most interesting to you?

Source: +GoogleGlass