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In an attempt to have developers more engaged in building apps specifically for Fire OS, Amazon has rolled out an incentive program it calls Appstore Developer Select. The program, which is available now, rewards developers for building apps that are optimized for Kindle Fire devices, integrate with all of Amazon's APIs — such as GameCircle and In-App Purchasing — and render natively on HD displays without distortion.

In return for making apps that run well on its Kindle Fire devices, Amazon will reward Developer Select members with new ways to highlight and feature their apps to customers. Developers will receive a "broad range of marketing and economic benefits," such as premium placement in the Amazon Appstore and 500,000 ad impressions in the Mobile Ad Network. Customers will also receive Amazon Coin incentives for buying apps from these developers

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Amazon says that the toughest part about seeing solid sales in its Appstore (or any app marketplace) is discoverability, and hopes that it can get more developers to follow these guidelines to get their apps noticed. The added benefit for Amazon is more apps that look like they belong on the Kindle Fire, and fewer that are basic ports with little or no thought behind them.

Source: Amazon; Developer Select

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