AC App running in Multi Window

Coming soon to an Android phone or tablet near you — it's the latest version of the Android Central app! In this latest release we're introducing a new feature, Multi Window support for Samsung devices, that should help you get all the news and information you want from Android Central while also keeping up with other things on your devices.

Read a review while browsing through music in another window, or check out a forums post while getting directions in Google Maps — it's all up to you now, the Android Central app doesn't have to take up your whole screen.

And because Multi Window is now here, that also means that the app will work as a windowed or pop-up app on your Galaxy S6 or Note 4 — just swipe in from the upper corner of the screen while viewing the Android Central app, and it'll be pulled into a floating window. Tap the top bar to condense it down to a small bubble that you can re-open the app quickly from at any time.

We've also included a few bug fixes in this latest release, and we have hopefully completely squashed the crash associated with following story links from Google+. (Be sure to give us feedback if you're still seeing issues!)

The new version of the Android Central app is rolling out now — in staggered fashion, just in case — so keep an eye on your updates in the Play Store.