This seemingly well-built Google branded display case was spotted by a reader in a Houston, Texas area Best Buy store. We received no other information, and really can't say what it might be for.

What we can say is now another has popped up on Google+, and those pedestals are commonly used for phones. We don't know if this is Nexus device related, but we're pretty sure it's something interesting. 

Anyhoo, here it is for your discussion.

Update: Sometimes, it pays to bring a little attention to something. This is one of those times. Several anonymous sources have come forward to clear things up on these. There are two different styles you may be seeing in your Best Buy store. One (not pictured here) is larger and has a display area for Chromebooks. I've seen those here locally. These smaller ones are designed to hold the 2013 Nexus 7, the Chromecast, and the 2013 model ASUS Nexus 10 — which they say will be in Best Buy stores this month. 

Thanks, Anon!