SwiftKey beta for Android gains new stats

The latest SwiftKey beta introduces a new stats panel for users to find out even more information about their usage of the keyboard. You've been able to see how many keystrokes you've saved, and some other details, but now the company is looking to provide even more insight on usage habits. With this, you'll now be able to see the topics you talk about the most, your signature emoji and more.

  • Topics - 3-5 different subjects you type about the most. We created a bunch of fun, diverse categories to show you some of the topics you love to talk about - from Art & Design to Comics and everything inbetween.
  • Top Emoji - the emoji you use most often. This is a cloud-like visualization of the emoji you use the most – the bigger the emoji in the 'cloud', the more you use it.
  • Signature Emoji - the emoji you use more than other people. This emoji is generated by the emoji you overuse compared to the average (this is not the emoji you use most often).
  • Vocabulary Size - how many words has SwiftKey learned from you? This number starts at zero when you install - find out how much your personal SwiftKey vocabulary has grown!

In order to get SwiftKey Stats, you'll need to download the latest SwiftKey beta from Google Play and sign into your SwiftKey account.