Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality headsets are all the rage these days, and Samsung's long-rumored take on the Oculus Rift is now being projected for later this year at IFA. As far as virtual reality headsets are concerned, the Samsung Gear VR will bridge the gap between the complicated and highly immersive Oculus Rift and the fold-your-own Google Cardboard — this one apparently will dock the phone to your face.

It's not immediately clear if the Gear VR will use the phone's existing display (like the Dive headset we saw at CES 2014) or a display built into the headset, but it will reportedly be using much of the other hardware that's built into the phone, including the motion tracking and even the camera. For controlling the device beyond that motion tracking, there's said to be a touch panel on the device that you'll be able to absently paw at.

The camera opening is reported to allow the device to stream the outside world in to the wearer, that way they can see what's going on and use augmented reality applications without having to remove the headset. Between the USB 3.0 connection and the hole for the camera, the Samsung Gear VR could end up limited in its physical compatibility. We'll find out more when the headset is formally announced, which could come right alongside the Galaxy Note 4

Source: SamMobile