Miles from Tomorrowland

Disney is headed into virtual reality today, and their primary focus is children. In a coordinated effort with XPrize, Disney is taking their science-focused Miles from Tomorrowland series and turning it into a full STEAM — that's Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics — competition. The purpose is to get children to not only learn about these disciplines, but participate in them. This is why, starting today, science centers all over the US will be participating in Miles from Tomorrowland: Space Missions challenges for kids 2-8. To keep the adventure going at home, the Watch Disney Junior app will be updated with Google Cardboard-ready Miles from Tomorrowland content.

For the uninitiated, Miles from Tomorrowland is an incredibly popular pre-school series featuring based-in-real-science lessons and adventures. Despite only being 15 episodes long at this point, the show has featured characters voiced by George Takei, Mark Hamill, Bill Nye, Olivia Munn, and many others. The expansion into this new Space Missions challenge encourages kids to participate in one of three themes categories. Kids will be encourages to do everything from build a paper spaceship or a mobile of the solar system to create a superstellar landscape out of clay and other materials. The top prize is a trip to the Kennedy Space Center to watch a rocket take off, while second place and runner up prizes include 3D Printers and 100 Google Cardboard units.

Watch Disney Junior is expected to update early next month with the new Google Cardboard content, but if your child is ready to participate in the space missions before that happens you can head to the contest page and download the activities now.