Microsoft releases Microsoft Apps to help you find its apps

Microsoft has launched a new app, Microsoft Apps, which aims to make it easier to find and install all of its apps on your Android phone. That's right, once you install this app, you'll be able to find the rest of Microsoft's apps on Google Play with ease. In the case that searching, or viewing the developers main page is too hard for you, this app is exactly what you are looking for. The key features, as noted by its store listing, include:

  • Browse all the apps from Microsoft on Android in one simple experience
  • See what apps you already have installed; find new and popular downloads
  • Browse by category
  • More coming soon

That's right. Microsoft released an app, that you have to install, to be able to find the rest of its apps. Apparently the company has forgotten that you can easily find all of a developer's apps by tapping on the name in Google Play. You can grab the Microsoft Apps app from Google Play now, or you could just open this link to find them without taking up space on your device with an app that helps you find them.