Mattel and Google are announcing… something… on Feb. 13

So on Feb. 13 in New York City, Mattel and Google are holding a joint "exclusive announcement and product debut" for… something. We honestly don't know what, and there's only so much we can divine from the classic View-Master styling of the invitation. Is it a Google Glass for kids? Google's child-friendly take on Microsoft Hololens? Ingress even more IRL? A not-cardboard version of Google Cardboard?

Google has for some time been working to be more child-friendly, from yesterday's acquisition of Launchpad Toys app developers to rumors of kid versions of services like Chrome and YouTube. But a joint announcement with Mattel? That's something solid, something concrete, something really unknown.

The tag line "view what's possible" tells us not much at all. Either way, in a little over a week, we'll know something.

Source: 9to5Google