Trello on Android Wear

Apps with support for Android Wear are going to start coming thick and fast but one of the first out of the gate is project managing tool, Trello. As announced on their blog, the latest update to the Trello Android app sees a full experience slimmed down for the smartwatch.

In our pursuit of being everywhere, Trello is now available on your wrist. Want to create cards without using your phone? You got it. Want your watch to remind you when cards are due? Piece of cake. Want to reply to comments with just your voice? Not. A. Problem.

Trello is a pretty powerful tool, one we use daily here at Mobile Nations, and it seems to have made a perfect transition to the smaller form factor. Using cards to display notifications and, well, your Trello cards, as well integrating voice actions shows already just what's possible with Android Wear.

The watches themselves might not be on many wrists just yet but grab the latest version of the Trello app from the Google Play Store link up top to be ready when yours arrives.

Source: Trello

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