Location Aware Search lets you ask Google non-specific questions about nearby places

Though Google has yet to make a formal announcement, the company showed off a new feature for voice search on Android at an event in Paris. Called Location Aware Search, the feature clues search in on your location, allowing you to ask non-specific questions about nearby landmarks, such as "what is the name of this church" if you happen to be standing near one. Curious? Here's a clip of the feature in action from a Twitter user who was attending the Paris event:

With the ability to ask about a place without naming it, one of the most obvious advantages of the feature is exploring unfamiliar locales. However, it's useful for other things as well, such as asking what a nearby restaurant's phone number is or when it opens.

It's unclear if Location Aware Search is live for everyone, or if it's going out on a rolling basis. For what it's worth, however, it's currently working on our devices, and a number of Reddit users report that it's live as well, pointing to a server-side switch on Google's end. Hopefully we'll hear much more about the feature from Google in the coming days or weeks.

Sources: Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan (Twitter); Via: Reddit