Samsung Galaxy S Froyo

We've got little doubt that Froyo is just around the corner for the Samsung Galaxy S phones. It's been promised by Samsung since Day 1, and we recently saw a leaked Froyo ROM for the AT&T Captivate. Now comes this letter posted in the Android Central Forums, which purportedly comes from within Samsung. Our Korean's a little rusty, but we're told it basically says that testing has been completed, and the Korean binaries will be released this week (no idea if that's this week, last week or whenever).

The letter was posted in our Verizon Fascinate forums, but we're not reading too much into that. The individual carriers will release their udpates if and when they're ready. But this sure points to things moving forward. If any Korean-literate folks want to clear things up, definitely do so at the source link. [Android Central Forums]