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If you're the sort of person who likes to edit spreadsheets on the go, then you'll be pleased to learn that the latest version of the Google Drive app for Android allows you to do just that. A new update to the Drive app released today introduces a half-dozen fairly significant features that should make mobile document editing a little easier.

Previously limited to a slightly janky web-based interface, spreadsheets have gotten their own native UI, complete with the ability to zoom, directly edit formulae and resize and re-style cells. The same applies to tables in the Google Docs editor, which can now be similarly manipulated.

There are also a few minor changes, like the ability to maintain formatting when copying and pasting within Docs, and the ability to add home screen shortcuts to specific files or folders.

To grab the new version of Google Drive, you can use the Google Play shortcut at the top of the page. We've got the full changelog after the break.

  • Edit Google spreadsheets in new native editor
  • Edit contents of tables in Google Docs editor
  • Formatting is maintained when copy/pasting within Google Docs
  • Single tap to enter edit mode in Google Docs editor
  • Add a shortcut to Drive files/folders to your homescreen for quick access
  • Send Link now supports copying link to clipboard