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Gmail, Flickr, Dropbox, Picasa, are all massively popular cloud services, but all requiring their own applications to allow you to access your data. This is where Jolicloud, the portable desktop steps in, as they aim to bring their communal cloud access platform to the mobile space. 

For anyone not familiar, presently Jolicloud is basically a home for all your different cloud services, to be accessed from one place. The current offering is available as a web app, and also as an entire OS in the form of Joli OS. I've tried the OS, and while the range of cloud services that can plug into it is pretty wide, as a desktop OS there's no real need for it as Google Chrome has it covered for me. As a mobile offering, if done correctly, it becomes a whole different ball game. 

Task switching on Android is pretty simple, and slick in the case of Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. The point remains though that you have to jump from your Gmail app, to your Dropbox app, and then over to your Flickr app. Jolicloud's principle is to remove task switching, and have everything accessible from one app, similar to the Flipboard social networking application. 

Currently still in beta in its early stages, there will soon be an Android application available for both phones and tablets that will provide access to the service over wifi and cellular data. There is no date as yet for the launch of the app, but applications for invites when the beta opens up can be found by hitting the source link below. 

Source: Jolicloud via The Mobile Indian