Magna Carta app

If you tried to download Jay-Z's new album Magna Carta Holy Grail through the free promotional app for Samsung phones last week, you may have run into issues. Around launch time on Jul. 4 many users reported that the app was slow, unresponsive and crashy as servers became overwhelmed with fans trying to download the album.

And the app problems haven't escaped the attention of Jay-Z himself. According to the NY Daily News, the artist mentioned in a radio interview that he was aware of the launch-night issues, saying the situation was "not cool."

"It's not a great problem because you want the fan to get that experience.” Jay-Z reportedly told Power 105's The Breakfast Club. “The people that waited and downloaded it you want them to have that experience right away.​ That was the thing that was disheartening to me."

As part of a promotional deal with Samsung, the electronics giant snapped up 1 million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail for owners of Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 smartphones, to be distributed through a free app on Google Play. 

Jay-Z was mostly philosophical in his remarks about the problems, rather than laying any blame at the door of Samsung or the app's developers — "The next person now knows how to go into it better, which is cool and that's my job. I took the hit for that," he told Power 105.

Source: Power 105, NY Daily News