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You begged. You pleaded. You yelled at us. (More than usual.) And so we now present you with the Android Central Android Application -- or ACAA for short. (Hey, it's better than Sideload Wonder Machine.) It's developed by Notice Software and powered by the same people who bring you your daily dose (and then some) of Android news every day, free of charge. We'll walk you through it and provide download links after the break.

News, Apps and Android 101

Android Central AppAndroid Central App

Come for the news, stay for the app reviews. Flip on through the categories and tap to read the stories.

The Android Central Podcast

Android Central App

Also included is the recorded version of the weekly live Android Central Podcast. You can listen directly from the app and follow along with the show notes.

Search the site

Android Central App

Looking for a particular story? Just search for it, and you'll find it.

Popular topics

Android Central App

Just like it sounds -- a handy cloud of popular topics.

Send us news

Android Central App

We couldn't do this without you. And now it's easier than ever to send tips and pictures -- straight from the app!


App Widget

Of course there's a great looking widget for your homescreen as well.


Android Central App

And, of course, no app is complete without settings. You can turn off any of the categories -- news, apps, podcasts, tips -- if you don't want them.

Suggestions, bug fixes

Have a suggestion for the Android Central app? Having an issue with it? Let the developer -- Notice Software -- know in the Android Central Developer Forums.