Android 4.2 clock app

What's that? A separate piece about a clock app? It still tells time, right?

Yes. A separate piece about a clock app. And, yes. It still tells time. Actually, the new clock app in Android 4.2 is wearing four or five hats. Here's the breakdown:

  • Clock.
  • World clock.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Timer.
  • Stopwatch.

And what's more -- this thing looks good.

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Simple to use, with a great design, for the most part. The only real complaint we've got with the clock app perhaps should be directed more toward Android in general. See if you can spot it.

Android 4.2 clock app

It's a small thing, and it makes sense from a design standpoint here -- but for the love of all that's good and decent in the world, Android needs to figure out the menu overflow situation. The button (that's the one with the three dots) is in two places in three sections of the clock app. In the screen shot on the left, it's in the lower-right. In the Alarm section (as well as the world clock cities list) it moves to the upper right. Again, they both work. But it's one of those nagging inconsistencies that Android is still struggling with in phones that have on-screen buttons.

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