Imgur fans now have a native Android app to try out that offers users a better mobile experience for viewing and uploading images.

Imgur launches a fully native Android app

Imgur a service that lets anyone upload images quickly. In addition, many of its users have become famous, thanks ti the Internet memes they have created with the help of Imgur. Today, the service has relaunched its Android app in the Google Play Store, which finally offers users a truly native mobile app experience. Here's what Android smartphone and tablet users can expect from the new Imgur app:

  • Redesigned card-based gallery made just for mobile. Our app gets out of the way to let you focus on what matters: the images, comments and community.
  • New and improved upload. Build a spiffy new post with your camera or saved images, and don't forget your superior storytelling abilities.
  • Browse by topic to find the posts that interest you most.
  • Bug fix: you'll no longer get stuck in an image loop.
  • Bug fix: you'll no longer get stuck in an image loop.

Let us know what you think of this relaunched Imgur app in the comments.

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Source: Imgur