When Ikea gets into a market, competitors stand up and notice. In the case of smart home tech, the company began offering wireless charging solutions built into desks and lights, it allowed for the average consumer to see the magical technology without going to a carrier store or tech retailer.

Ikea's smart lighting solution, Trådfri, similarly undercuts much of the competition, including popular incumbents like Philips and LIFX, without sacrificing quality and options. The Trådfri suite includes regular bulbs, a dimmer, and a smart mirror light — priced for the average home.

Ikea is no stranger to undercutting the home furnishing market.

And while the nascent solution has always supported Android through an app, a press release issued in Swedish this week says that Trådfri will soon support Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit (via The Verge), which will add a comprehensive voice component to the ecosystem.

It's coming later this summer, so you won't need to wait too long, if you've already invested in the products. Or you could just wait until Ikea decides to take on another aspect of the smart home, because it's definitely coming.

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