IFA is a yearly technology trade show that takes place in Berlin, Germany at the end of August or beginning of September. The 2018 edition runs officially from August 31 through September 5, but because the media days take place ahead of the actual show the news starts to hit around August 28.

IFA's roots as a true technology showcase go back decades, where the hot new tech being shown off was all about radio gear. It has gone through many iterations to also be focused on home appliances and automotive, but has since moved to primarily consumer electronics. IFA has an interesting feature of being open to the public, unlike most trade shows, meaning people in Berlin can go get their eyes and hands on the latest products as soon as they're announced.

Unlike Mobile World Congress (MWC) earlier in the year, IFA has more recently been a place for companies to launch a wider variety of smaller products, rather than big-time devices like flagship smartphones, leaving their big phone launches to either coincide with MWC or release on their own time frame at individual events. Companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei and others have used IFA in recent years to launch accessories, special editions of phones, wearables, TVs, home theater equipment and connected home gear