Voice Recording on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Voice recording on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is really simple and useful.

Taking a voice note on your Samsung Galaxy S4 is really easy. The built in Voice Recorder, though simple, packs all of the options and tools you need for capturing audio.

  1. Open the Voice Recorder app.
  2. Tap the record button at the bottom in the middle. 
  3. Tap pause to delay recording, then the record button again to continue recording to the same file.
  4. Tap the square stop button to finish recording. 
  5. Tap the x button to delete the current recording. (Recording controls are also available via the notification tray; swipe down from the top of the screen from anywhere outside the app to pause, stop, or cancel recording, as well as go back to the app.)

Samsung Galaxy S4 voice notes

Completed audio files are stored in an .m4a format under /storage/emulated/0/Sounds in the file system, though you can access them directly from the Voice Recorder app to share wherever you like. Just tap the arrow in the bottom-right to see saved voice notes, and tap each file name to listen (at increased or reduced speed if you like). You can also trim audio files from the playback section at the bottom of the screen. A long press on the recording name will bring up management options such as file renaming, sharing, deletion, and setting as ringtone. There are a bunch of helpful settings you can tweak too. Tap the menu key and hit Settings. From there you can toggle GPS-based filenames and change recording quality and volume. Alternatively, you can store voice notes alongside written ones in the S Notes application. 

That's about it! If you're having any problems with Voice Recorder on the Samsung Galaxy S4, leave a comment!