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Google+ Account Switch

Whether you're trapped between Google Apps and regular Google accounts, helping maintain a Google+ Page, or you're running an intricate multi-user text-based RPG through a G+ Community, switching accounts is one of those things that tends to make your digital life much easier. It hasn't always been easy to switch between accounts on Google's services, but the company has worked hard over the last couple of years to make that a priority. There can be no finer example of this progress than Google+, where it is positively effortless to switch between several different kinds of Google accounts in order to participate in Google+ in many different ways. The quick two-click switch offered on the browser version of Google+ is second only to the ease with which you can perform the same function in the app.

This is one of those things that is incredibly simple, but not always plainly obvious. On just about every section of the Google+ app you see your name and avatar in the top left corner. Next to your name you'll see a small arrow pointed down. Tapping that arrow reveals the options that are available to you for switching accounts, including Google Apps accounts and any Pages that you help manage. The list is clearly labeled, and tapping once lets you flip to the appropriate menus for that account. Switching back to your primary account is as simple as repeating the process, and since your avatar is always floating in the top left it's pretty easy to avoid accidentally posting from the wrong account or Page. It's simple stuff, but one of those things that can be a huge headache if you're not familiar with the Google+ app.

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