Google+ Events

Google today rolled out Events for Google+, which is a slick way to invite people to, erm, events. (Not unlike what's already on that ... other social network.

The bad thing is that right now every damned person on Google+ can invited every other damned person to their damn event. And while I love you all, I just can't make it to your birthday party in Akron this weekend. Sorry, just couldn't move the schedule.

Right now there's no way to limit who can invite you to events, and that's leading to a lot of inbox clutter. The good news is that you can at least get rid of the e-mails that are sent when you're invited to a damned event, or there's an update to a damned event, or there's a reminder about a damned event, or there's activity on a damned event that you created. Just hop into your Google+ settings, and uncheck the boxes you see above.

And while I appreciate the invite, I just can't make your son's bris this weekend.