HTC One M9 Sense 7 app pinning

The Sense Home Widget on the HTC One M9 is trying its hardest. It's taking a look at where you are, when you're there and what apps you're using and then surfacing them to the home screen in its predictive, adaptive widget. And it does OK. But sometimes you might want to make sure an app stays put, say, while you're at home versus on the road. And for that there's "pinning."

And this is how you pin an app to the home screen in Sense 7.

HTC One M9 Sense 7 pinning apps

All you have to do to pin an app to the Sense Home Widget in Sense 7 is press and hold. You'll see a little progress bar that shows the app being pinned (that's a nice touch, actually, because it's not like it takes that long to pin an app), and then you'll see a little pin icon for a second or two, letting you know you're done.

To unpin an app in Sense 7, just press and hold again.

And remember that pinned apps are specific to the section of the widget. So if you pin an app in Home, you won't see it pinned in Work or Out.

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