Ever wonder how you get Wifi at 10,000 feet, have it work while falling to earth, then landing under the safety of a parachute? Google co-founder Sergey Brin showed us this morning during the Day 2 keynote at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco.

It was a redux of Wednesday's stunt, in which Brin decided he needed a loaner pair of Project Glass glasses back from a friend -- who happened to be in a bimp high above downtown. So, they all skydived their way to the roof of Moscone West, handed the glasses off to some bikers who then rode and flipped their way to the edge of the building, who then handed the glasses to some crazy cats who rappelled down the side of the glass exterior, who then handed the glasses off to more bikers, who then wheeled their way into the third-floor keynote hall.

It was, in a word, crazy. Crazy awesome. And today Brin showed us all how it was done.

It's tough to have Wifi repeaters in mid-air, of course, so they used directional RF to beam the Wifi directly to the skydivers. (Puffs of smoke ejected along with the parachutes helped the spotters keep things in line.) Then it's just a matter of aiming, and everything worked like a charm. Twice.