Samsung is running a decent trade-in program right now alongside its additional student discounts, but if you really want to get the cost of the new phone down, we have an idea for you. This isn't as straightforward as some of the other ways, but sometimes you have to put in a little legwork to save big. So, let's break this down for you.

Today only, eBay is running a sale that saves you 25% on any purchase of $25 or more when you use coupon code PSPRING20. How does this help you? Well, you can use the discount to purchase an already-affordable phone to trade in for more than what you pay for it. Seems simple, huh?

Samsung will give you $300 in trade-in credit for a Galaxy S7, and with the coupon code from above, you can pick one up for around $140 from a few different sellers. You'll have to wait a few days for it to arrive, but to basically get an additional $160 off your new Galaxy S9, it's well worth the time and effort.

Here's a quick breakdown of the entire process of maximizing your savings:

  1. Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 using coupon code PSPRING20
  2. Head to
  3. Pick the Galaxy S9 or S9+ of your choice
  4. Select the trade-in you purchased
  5. Complete checkout process
  6. Send your trade-in to Samsung within 15 days of receiving your new phone

The process isn't overly complicated. Sure, you could probably just trade in the phone that is in your hands right now, but odds are that isn't as good of a deal. Once you take advantage of the offer as stated above, you can keep your current device as a backup, or even head to Swappa to sell it to help pay off your new phone.

If you're a college student, you can take advantage of this additional savings.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+


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