We've been talking about the new Pixel phones for months now, as the behind-the-scenes drama has been not only engrossing but highly divisive. Earlier in the year, we heard that HTC would be making both Pixel sequels as it did the first generation, but subsequent rumors suggested that Google decided to partner with LG, likely for access to its OLED panels, for the larger Pixel XL 2.

Now, thanks to Evan Blass of @evleaks and VentureBeat, we know what the smaller Pixel, codenamed Walleye, will look like. In fact, if you're an OG Pixel owner, you already know what it looks like, as the sequel bears a striking resemblance.

The image above, which we've lightened to expose the darkened front of the phone, reveals a device that looks like a slightly squarer (Note-ier?) version of the Google Pixel, with ample bezels above and below the screen, a dual-toned back with a glass inlay near the top, and an aluminum chassis. The camera appears to be in the same position as the 2016 Pixel, but the sensor and lens module is quite a bit larger. A rear fingerprint sensor, also centered, is now below the glass area, and a single "G" Google logo sits, also centered, near the bottom.

Blass points to at least one significant improvement over the Pixel: dual front-facing speakers, which should help somewhat justify (but not totally excuse) the front bezels above and below the screen. The first-generation version only contains a single down-port speaker on the bottom of the device.

The report also, unfortunately, confirms that in adding a second speaker, Google has opted to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, a controversial decision that may keep some people away from this year's Pixel lineup.

Google Pixel + Pixel XL