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Vehicle security manufacturer Cobra brought along its Android fare to CES, and we took the JoyRide and Tag systems for a quick spin here at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Android Central @ CES JoyRide is a slick little car-dock app that pairs with a 12-volt charger. At its heart, JoyRide is a highly customizable car app. You can set what you want to happen when you plug in your phone -- say, launch Google Maps Nav. Or when you unplug your phone -- say, record your current positions so you can find your car later. Or, you can tell it what to do when you press the lighted button on the 12-volt charger -- say, direct you to the nearest In and Out burger. It's slick stuff, and it's built using the Android Open Accessories protocol that Google announced last May at Google IO -- one of the first accessories we've seen to do so.

Then there's the Tag system. It's a smart key fob that will help you keep track of your keys, laptop, children or pets -- anything you attach it to. Separate the two, and you're alerted either on the phone, or the fob, depending on which one you lost. The companion app is nicely done and full of features, and it all costs about $60. Money well spent.