Grow Mobile app marketing platform reports

Game and app developers have a lot to consider when choosing to market their products through in-game/app advertising. Which advertising networks reach the most users? Who gives developers the best deal? If a developer decides to use multiple ad networks, tracking and comparing the results of each network becomes a time consuming task of its own.

San Francisco-based startup Grow Mobile seeks to reduce all those headaches with the launch of their new mobile app marketing platform. Grow Mobile’s platform has just completed a successful closed beta, and today it becomes publicly available to Android and iOS developers. By providing a single cohesive dashboard and single integration for developers’ apps, Grow believes that developers who sign on will be able to market their products more effectively and with fewer resources than before.

Grow Mobile platform features:

  • Media Planner: Create the most optimal media plans, leveraging Grow Mobile’s proprietary algorithm and historical performance data to select the best mix of traffic sources for your marketing objectives.
  • Campaign Wizard: The self-serve feature makes it easy to syndicate campaigns live and change existing campaigns in minutes, without human interaction or signing multiple insertion orders.
  • Traffic Intelligence Directory: Make sense of the traffic sources available to promote your app. From pricing information to volume estimates, the Intelligence Directory allows users to quickly navigate through the complex mobile traffic ecosystem.
  • User Retention and Monetization Reporting: Understand users’ retention and revenue attribution by traffic source. View the complete monetization picture.
  • Expected Life Time Value Reporting: Predict the eLTV of your users by channel, using Grow Mobile’s proprietary eLTV algorithm.
  • Event Reporting: Tag in-app events like registrations and bookings to differentiate and track users’ behaviors and milestones.
  • App Rankings Reporting: Track an app’s movement in the app store rankings on the App Store or Google Play. Compare the ratio between install volume and app store ranking movement.
  • Geography, Device and Operating System Reporting: Breakdown users by geographic location, device and operating system.
  • Cohort ROI Reporting: Compare ad spending versus returned revenue by cohort and install channel.
  • Consolidated Data Reporting: Consolidate cost, performance, retention, monetization and life time value data in one place. Break down the reporting by app, campaign and traffic source to better understand results and to optimize faster.

Founders and clientele

Grow Mobile founders

Pictured from left, the Grow Mobile founders consist of A.J. Yeakel (formerly of Zynga), Brendan Lyall, and Minglei Xu. The trio started their company in 2012.

Grow Mobile already has three major clients: GREE, KLab, and Zynga. Noby Ota, Chief Executive Officer of KLab America describes his company’s experience: “Grow Mobile has been a valuable partner... Their industry experience and technology has provided us excellent results through their platform." KLab is a Japan-based social games maker who has published Lord of Dragons and Gigabot Wars on Android and iOS as well as Eternal Uprising and Arcadia (Chinese language only) specifically for Android.

Potential for growth

Grow Mobile dashboard

Grow Mobile’s platform sounds like it could become an essential component of marketing games and apps. Grow’s lightweight SDK and API are available for Android and iOS right now. Head to to learn more and sign up.