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At a press event in New Delhi, Google India announced that the Voice Search feature is now compatible with most Indian dialects. The language option is limited to English, but the voice search engine can transliterate queries posed in Hindi.

Google mentioned that it worked with over 700 volunteers from across the country to dial in the intonation and the "specific language models that power voice search in the Indian accent."

The company said that the volunteers were asked to read popular search queries in a variety of acoustic conditions such as in restaurants, out on busy streets, and inside cars to simulate real-world usage scenarios.

Indian users can now start using voice search effectively by selecting English (India) as the language of choice on any Android device running version 2.3 and above. In addition to enhancing voice recognition, Knowledge Graph has also been improved to show more relevant results.

While Google's voice recognition engine can understand certain Hindi words and phrases, a native voice search for Indian languages isn't available yet.

Sandeep Menon, head of marketing for Google India, stated that enabling voice recognition for Indian languages would be the next step, but hasn't mentioned when such a feature would be available. "We already have search in nine Indian languages. It's not that we have not started recognizing (Hindi phrases) in English voice search itself. At the moment voice search is able to interpret Hindi phrases and transliterate that. It is the logical next step but we never say we will do 'x' in 'y' days."

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Via: The Times of India