Google voice search India

Google is working on optimizing voice searches to work in areas with little to no connectivity. The solution is geared at emerging countries like India, where cellular connectivity isn't the most reliable. With India being the second-largest nation in terms of all mobile searches globally (cricket has that effect), Google is looking to improve upon the experience offered to users, with voice search being a key factor.

Anjali Joshi, vice president of product management for Search at Google, said that the optimizations undertaken with machine intelligence have led to a stage where voice searches can be powered locally:

I hope to see it on the device rather than requiring connectivity. When that happens, we will see voice working a lot better. Some of things which are really important are input - so voice, auto completions, the Hinglish transliteration etc - the network and content.

This is a technology which is not just applicable to voice alone. Many of these machine learning, artificial intelligence driven models are being shrunk to a point where they can be done on the device. Once that happens, we will start seeing huge progress.

Google already offers the ability to store YouTube videos offline in India, and is working with the government in rolling out free Wi-Fi access at train stations across the country.